Date: 16th September 2000

Schizophrenia Group Slams Carrey Movie

The SCHIZOPHRENIA IRELAND (SI) organisation has accused movie giant TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX of trying to dodge criticism of the controversial new JIM CARREY film ME, MYSELF AND IRENE.

The group claims that the company has prevented it from seeing a preview of the film in a bid to stop them highlighting "gross inaccuracies." SI director ORLA O'NEILL claims the organisation has been in a one-way dialogue with the film company for the past two months requesting a screening of the movie. She says, "It seems we 'missed' the press screening as we weren't informed of the date." She claims that Fox is trying to stop the group from pointing out how the film promotes some of the worst prejudices about mental illness.

She adds, "Comedy and fantasy have their place in cinema, but not at the expense of adults and children who struggle daily to overcome mental illness."


Source: WENN