Date: 28th June 2001

Angelina's Plea For Tomb Raider 2

Hollywood babe ANGELINA JOLIE wants fans to come up with ideas for TOMB RAIDER 2.

The madcap actress would love the blockbuster's sequel to include ideas submitted by fans.

She says, "I think it would be great to base it on what people wanted her to do, and what the fans want. " Jolie - who is married to actor BILLY BOB THORNTON - says she's not worried about being typecast as an action heroine.

She adds, "People have tried to typecast me but I keep doing different roles. I was aware of what could happen with this film, but if the worst thing happened and I had to play this role over and over, I'd be happy. There's a lot to Lara Croft and I don't see her as just an action hero. " (IG/WNWCAN/RP)

Source: WENN