Date: 27th June 2001

Dunst's Naked Confessions

KIRSTEN DUNST is glad she hasn't become a target of the paparazzi because she'd hate to see photos of her and her friends naked in the tabloids.

The INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (1994) actress loves being considered a B-list celebrity because it means she can visit golf clubs in the dead of night and lie naked under the stars. She says, "Me and my friends went to Palm Springs last year (00) - four girls in one hotel room. We would sit naked on our balcony and go skinny-dipping, lie under the stars on a golf course at night. " Dunst is certain that any tabloid project on her would be a waste of time - because she's just your normal "dork". She adds, "I'll set up a blanket in my front yard and just play with my cats all day. I'm a big dork. I also wear rollers in my hair and lipstick on my teeth. " (KL/RS/KW)

Source: WENN