Date: 26th June 2001

Staying Beautiful With Salma Hayek

Sultry actress SALMA HAYEK does very little exercise and never goes to a gym.

As for staying beautiful, it's all in the make-up for the FRIDA (2001) star - and that goes for every part of her body. "As I get older I find my legs, especially my outer thighs, aren't as firm as they used to be. They're bigger, too. If I put weight on, I begin to see cellulite, so I apply cellulite creams. I take off every scrap of make-up before going to bed. I always use an anti-wrinkle cream under my eyes, and a fine scrub on my skin three times a week. "

So if she shuns the usually Hollywood ways of keeping in shape, shunning both exercise and plastic surgery, what are her secrets to looking good all the time? "You can learn to listen to your inner self, get to know what's good for you and love the body you have. I'm definitely going for the second way," she says. (ACW/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN