Date: 25th June 2001

Catherine Zeta Jones To Raise Dylan Away From Hollywood

CATHERINE ZETA JONES is determined to bring up her son DYLAN without the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

The Welsh beauty and her husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS are moving to the island of Bermuda once renovations on their new mansion is complete.

She says, "It'll be worlds apart in terms of location and lifestyle. But I'm going to work hard to make sure he gets what Michael and I were given as children, a real sense of being grounded and giving back. "

Jones admits having a baby has changed her outlook on life, "Since I've had my child, my whole outlook has changed. My family comes before everything now. The accolades I receive and the people I work with are fabulous, yet when I come home, my life makes the most sense to me. "(MB/MC/KW)

Source: WENN