Date: 25th June 2001

Julianne Moore Unfazed By Easy Sex Scenes

JULIANNE MOORE believes actresses who worry about nude scenes are silly - because to her they're the easiest thing in the world.

The HANNIBAL (2001) star, who has taken her clothes off in numerous movies including BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997), admits sex scenes shouldn't be taken too seriously.

She says, "I don't find nudity or sexuality tremendously frightening or shocking at all - it simply isn't. We all look exactly alike! There aren't going to be any surprises. I mean everytime I go into a locker room, I'm reminded of that. "

She continues, "Somehow in the flesh a whole bunch of people standing around doesn't really look much like anything, one way or another. It doesn't really mean anything. We can kind of fetishize things but really it's just a body. "(MB/GQ/KW)

Source: WENN