Date: 25th June 2001

Affleck America's Sexiest Date

PEARL HARBOR (2001) star BEN AFFLECK has been voted America's hottest date.

The former boyfriend of GWYNETH PALTROW received 69 per cent of the vote.

Other celebrities topping lists included TOM CRUISE, who was voted "Most fanciable star back on the market" following his split from NICOLE KIDMAN.

The poll's fallen idol was TITANIC (1997) hero LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, who attracted only seven per cent.

Topping the golden oldies list was ROBERT DE NIRO, 58, whose 58 per cent beat that of JACK NICHOLSON, 65, and 56-year-old singer ROD STEWART.

When asked about fanciable Hollywood bad-boys, GLADIATOR (2000) RUSSELL CROWE topped the poll with 37 per cent, narrowly beating BRUCE WILLIS' 32 per cent.

None of these hunks were on the list of "men you'd introduce to your mother". Way ahead in that category, despite recent drug problems, was FRIENDS star MATTHEW PERRY at 51 per cent. (ACW/WNTEX/MCM)

Source: WENN



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