Date: 24th June 2001

Wolverine's Mother Speaks Of Guilt At Leaving Her Kids

X-MEN (2000) star HUGH JACKMAN was deserted by his mother when he was just eight, and now she is overcome by guilt each time she sees him on screen.

Hugh, now 33 and starring alongside JOHN TRAVOLTA in SWORDFISH (2001), was left in Australia with his father and four siblings when his mother, GRACE WATSON, decided to move back to her native England.

The pair have met, but are not in regular contact and Hugh has described their relationship as 'strained'. But Grace doesn't expect any sympathy for what she did. "I am deeply disapproving of what I did, but at the time I didn't see that I had any other choice. Things were desperate," she says. In spite of it - or perhaps because of it - my children are now all incredibly successful and well-adjusted people. " (KAB/WNSEX/PDD)

Source: WENN



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