Date: 23rd June 2001

McDowell Hates Silly Questions

Curious CLOCKWORK ORANGE, a (1971) fans should beware when asking the film's star MALCOLM McDOWELL questions about the film - because he hates answering silly queries.

McDowell is the subject of a Hollywood tribute at the EGYPTIAN THEATRE this weekend (23-24JUN01) and he's dreading the question- and-answer sessions which make up part of the event - because he refuses to be polite to "morons".

He says, "They did a similar thing in Salt Lake City and this guy comes up to me and says, `You were in A Clockwork Orange,' and then he goes, `Wow, which part did you play?' I said, `Are you a moron?' I can get quite rude at these question sessions - `Are you left or right handed?' - who cares; `Do you work out?' - of course not. " (KL/WNV/MCM)

Source: WENN



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