Date: 23rd June 2001

Ewan's Highland Bike Crash

Red-faced EWAN McGREGOR had to take a hired motorcycle back in pieces after a bike crash in the Highlands of Scotland.

The TRAINSPOTTING (1996) actor was trying to prove to his father that he was safe on a motorcycle when the two of them took off on a 300 mile (480 kilometre) bike ride.

He says, "I've been riding for about 10 years and he always tried his best to be disdainful of it because he was worried about me, I suppose. I could always see that he was just jealous. I bought him a motorcycle and pretended it was mine and left it at his house in Scotland and I said, `If you want to get your test use it,' so he got his test and sold it in exchange for another one within a matter of days. I borrowed a bike from his bike shop and he was behind me and we got to the outskirts of Inverness and I hit some diesel on the roundabout and highsided off and tumbled. It was very messy."

"The bike was ruined and I'd borrowed it. So I picked it up and their was no foot pedal and the handlebar had gone. It was a nightmare. " (KL/WNV/MCM)

Source: WENN