Date: 23rd June 2001

Nicole Kidman Wants To Star In Religious Cult Movie

NICOLE KIDMAN's latest movie choice has set tongues wagging in Hollywood - suggesting the film pokes fun at former husband TOM CRUISE's religion of SCIENTOLOGY.

The Australian actress is reportedly interested in getting a role in the film adaptation of the 1999 novel SURVIVOR, written by FIGHT CLUB (1999) author CHUCK PALAHNIUK.

The book is about a fictional CREEDISH CHURCH whose members indulge in sick stunts such as pretending they're suicide-hotline operators for fun and dancing in morgues.

Industry publications are suggesting Kidman, who was raised as a CATHOLIC, may be poking fun at Cruise's religion - which she adopted soon after marrying her now-estranged husband. (SVD/US/MCM)

Source: WENN



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