Date: 22nd June 2001

Pearl Harbor Boss Bombs Out

The DISNEY boss behind the $260 million (200 million) movie PEARL HARBOR (2001) has quit after the film bombed at the American box office.

PETER SCHNEIDER, chairman of WALT DISNEY STUDIOS, stepped down after just 18 months at the top when he realised his war epic - the most expensive film ever made - was nowhere near breaking even.

Other recent flops at the company have included 102 Dalmatians (2000) and EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE, the (2000) with Disney's embarrassment being increased by the success of rival DREAMWORKS with the computer- animated SHREK (2001).

It was released at the same time as Pearl Harbor and is now ahead by almost $39 million (30 million) in ticket sales. Disney chairman and chief executive MICHAEL EISNER confirms Schneider has "chosen to go back to his roots in live theatre". (KW/WNE/KMW)

Source: WENN