Date: 16th September 2000

Carl Lewis Has Hollywood In His Sights

Olympic gold medallist CARL LEWIS has a change of career in mind - he's planning to enter the glitzy movie world of Hollywood.

Lewis has won nine Olympic gold medals and hopes to be victorious in a bid to win a Hollywood OSCAR.The sprinter, who now has a home in Los Angeles and is studying and practising for acting roles, says, "It is very rewarding. You have to work very hard just as you do in athletics. "It's no different. You have to set goals and just like sport, if you can't handle rejection, it is the wrong business to be in."

He adds of his new life, "
It is a different world but a new challenge. I feel fortunate I can start over again after a successful career." Lewis, who now has his own entertainment production company, says, "The first show I am doing is co-hosting a youth fitness oriented programme for kids with hip hop music. Then of course I am still studying and reading for movie roles." And he would like to be known as an all-rounder in the acting world saying, "You want to try and do different types. Hopefully, I can look back in five or 10 or 15 years that I did a comedy, I did action, I did dramatic, I did dark comedy."


Source: WENN