Date: 17th June 2001

Bruce Trying To Save Dying Brother

BRUCE WILLIS is showering his brother ROBERT with money in a desperate bid to help him overcome pancreatic cancer.

The movie star has also put all his commitments on hold to spend time and keep in touch with his ailing sibling, who is recovering from major surgery in Boston, Mass.

But all Bruce's time and money is beginning to look like it won't be enough to save his dying 42-year-old brother.

A family friend says, "Bruce was with Robert for the first week of June but he left to be with his children - he doesn't want them to see their uncle in such a sad condition. Since then Bruce has been in standby mode - ready to fly back to Boston at any time. He's braced for the worst and not doing any films over the summer (01)."

"Nothing short of a miracle could save Robert now. " Robert has spent his life living in his brother's shadow and, according to friends, in 1999 he tried to commit suicide after a drinking binge. (KL/NE/ES)

Source: WENN