Date: 17th June 2001

Zsa Zsa Gabor Living Like A Hermit

ZSA ZSA GABOR is living the life of a hermit and has friends fearing for her safety.

According to America's THE STAR Magazine, even her long-term pal MERV GRIFFITH is concerned about the former screen beauty's health.

One source claims Gabor told Griffith, "Why am I still here? there's no need for me'. Zsa Zsa is a shell of her once fun-loving and lively self. She sees herself as an old lady with nothing to offer the world. "

Another source adds, "She doesn't take care of herself because she knows no one can see her behind closed doors. But Zsa Zsa realises that her days as the belle of the ball are long over. " (MB/TS/ES)

Source: WENN



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