Date: 16th June 2001

Melanie Griffiths Living In Fear Banderas Will Cheat

MELANIE GRIFFITHs is living in fear her marriage to ANTONIO BANDERAS will end in divorce - just as her first two did.

And the panic over losing Banderas could be just the thing that drives him into the arms of another woman.

A pal says, "Melanie has put herself in the middle of a marriage crisis, and it's all her own making. If she doesn't pull herself together it could turn into a self- fulfilling prophecy and she'll lose Antonio. All of the men who loved her are gone. She fears that the next person to leave her will be Antonio. That would break her heart and spirit"

Friends say Griffith hasn't fully recovered from the betrayal of her last two husbands. DON JOHNSON reportedly cheated on her in both their 1976 and 1989 marriages, and STEVE BAUER recently admitted cheating led to the breakdown of his marriage to her. (MB/TS/KW)

Source: WENN