Date: 16th June 2001

Cruise To Talk About Sexuality In Court ?

TOM CRUISE's legal threat over new gay claims have backfired on the movie star - now he'll have to talk about his sexual past in court.

Los Angeles publisher MICHAEL DAVIS claimed he had information suggesting a video of Cruise having homosexual sex existed, prompting the star to threaten legal action.

Unfortunately Cruise misunderstood BOLD publisher Davis' claim - and accused him of lying about having a video of the pair of them in bed. Davis has since issued a countersuit, claiming the actor has now defamed him as being gay.

Davis says, "Bold magazine received an email from a gentleman stating that he witnessed and participated in homosexual sex acts with Cruise and others had a videotape of them having sex. "His attorney BERT FIELDS over-reacted by filing the original suit and then ended up slandering and defaming me. I believe they disseminated false information in an effort to discredit me. "

Top showbiz attorney RAOUL FELDER now fears Cruise is set for a court inquisition - he says, "
They'll be able to ask him of he's gay, if he has ever had gay sex, almost anything. " (KL/NE/NFA)

Source: WENN