Date: 16th June 2001

Critics Savage Tomb Raider Film

The eagerly awaited film version of the hit TOMB RAIDER (2001) computer game has opened in America to a lukewarm reaction - and praise for heroine ANGELINA JOLIE.

The hyper-hip flick stars the Oscar-winning babe as British adventurer LARA CROFT, and despite a massive effects budget and the direction of CON AIR (1997) man SIMON WEST, critics still call the flick boring.

USA TODAY says, "Jolie nails the physical requirements of her heiress (save for those ridiculous falsies that jut unnaturally like foam creatures) and tosses in a demurely posh British accent as an ironic counterpoint. If only the story that surrounds this watchable heroine were as well-stacked. Instead of being INDIANA JONES in a D-cup or a JANE BOND, Jolie is mired in murky travelogues and stuck with barely fleshed-out foes. "

The NEW YORK POST says, "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is a tedious bore that deserves early entombment. Jolie's all dressed up with no logical, coherent or remotely interesting place to go." The well-respected Daily Variety newspaper says, "At least the film makers have the good sense to get it all over with in well under two hours. "

However a fan on the film's official site says, "This movie totally kicked ass. It had great action and I think the story wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. " (NFA/WNWCCB/RM)

Source: WENN