Date: 15th June 2001

Jonny Lee Miller's Brushes With the Dead

JONNY LEE MILLER has been chatting with his grandfather - from beyond the grave.

The DRACULA 2001 (2000) star and former husband of ANGELINA JOLIE says that he's had his fair share of interactions with the other side, and actually met his grandfather on a OUIJA board.

Miller recalls, "It spelled out both my mother's name and my grandfather's name and then delivered a message to my mother. I can't tell you what the message was but it was very nice. "

And that wasn't his only experience with the supernatural. Miller adds, "I used to work at the Drury Lane theatre and there are lots of ghosts there, including one that smells. It's the ghost of a performer called Dan Leno who used lavender oil to cover up the stench of his bladder problems. You'd be walking around a corridor and you'd suddenly smell lavender. " (LE/MHF/PDD)

Source: WENN