Date: 13th June 2001

Before Night Falls Sent Star Javier Back Into Therapy

Watching his star performance in BEFORE NIGHT FALLS (2000) sent Spanish actor JAVIER BARDEM running straight to his therapist.

The Spanish hunk, who was OSCAR nominated for his acclaimed performance in the real life story about REINALDO ARENAS, a gay Cuban writer persecuted by FIDEL CASTRO, was convinced he'd just ruined his career when he first saw the movie.

Bardem recalls, "I was in New York and I had to call my therapist. I said, 'I ruined my f**king career. This is going to be a disaster. She said, 'It's three o'clock in the morning. ' I said, 'I'm sorry, but I'm really bad. I saw the movie and its's a disaster. '"

Bardem, who admits he began to think he may have a future as a plumber, says his opinion of the film eventually changed. He says, "Now I like it. I think we've done something good. Which is enough. " (LE/TO/RP)

Source: WENN