Date: 13th June 2001

Limping Bronstein Faces His Dragon

LATEST: SHARON STONE's husband PHIL BRONSTEIN will be unable to walk for four months after being savaged by a dragon - but he's still laughing.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE executive editor Phil and his BASIC INSTINCT (1992) wife were on a private tour of LOS ANGELES ZOO when he entered the cage of the hostile 10-foot KOMODO reptile - which promptly mauled his foot.

The shocked victim later had to undergo surgery to re-attach severed tendons and rebuild a big toe, but reckons he's suffered worse attacks from Hollywood agents. Phil, currently recovering in a LA hospital, jokes, "Sharon and I want to adopt the dragon. It's L. A. I was just taking a meeting. "

His doctors are less amused however, since Phil is still at risk from infection. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS columnist and orthopaedic surgeon DR ROCK POSITANO says, "The saliva of the Komodo dragon has extremely dangerous bacteria that could lead to soft-tissue infection, sepsis and cellulitis. "

The patient is on heavy antibiotics and will need three or four months of rehab to be able to walk. (KW/WNWDN/ES

Source: WENN