Date: 12th June 2001

Ben Kingsley's A Sexy Beast

GANDHI (1982) star BEN KINGSLEY claims women are getting all hot and bothered over his role as a tattooed tough guy in the new movie SEXY BEAST (2000).

Kingsley relishes the role as he usually plays dignified roles. He says, "Two nights ago, I have to tell you, a woman approached and told me that I was the sexiest man alive - and she had to tell me that!"

In Sexy Beast Kingsley, 57, plays DON LOGAN, a tough-as-nails, tattooed-all-over British gangster who must cajole a retired hit man out of retirement for one final job. Along the way, Logan urinates on a rug and raises hell when a flight attendant unwisely tries to discourage him from smoking on an airplane.

He adds, "Don is decidedly not me. What I had to do was tap into myself, to acknowledge the dark side in all of us and use that creatively rather than do an impersonation of someone else. " (PDD/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN



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