Date: 10th June 2001

Juliette Binoche's Chocolat Stage Show

French actress JULIETTE BINOCHE looks set to star in a BROADWAY stage version of hit movie CHOCOLAT (2000).

MIRAMAX boss HARVEY WEINSTEIN, spurred on by the recent stage success of MEL BROOKS' THE PRODUCERS, said the love story had the makings of a winner. he says, "Juliette is taking singing lessons. I've signed her up for the part. "

And Binoche doesn't seem to mind going back to school for the role - as she will be singing in her next film. She says, "I have to sing because I do Gregorian chanting in THE ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN. I'm just taking singing lessons - that doesn't mean I can sing yet!" (MCM/WNWCFU)

Source: WENN