Date: 10th June 2001

Clooney Gives Girlfriend Go Ahead For Playboy

Hollywood hearthrob GEORGE CLOONEY has given his model girlfriend LISA SNOWDON the okay to pose naked for PLAYBOY.

British stunner Lisa recently turned down huge cash offers from publisher HUGH HENFER due to fears of making Clooney jealous. She was especially wary after the couple's recent bust-up when George was spotted on a boozy night out with three strippers after finishing his new film OCEAN'S 11 (2001).

But George, 40, has no objections to the daring snaps, saying, "Why should I feel jealous? Other guys will only see her in a magazine. I get to see her close-up and very personally. "Lisa is a very sexy woman with an amazing body so she shouldn't be stopped from showing it off to the world. " (HJ/WNSPE/KW)

Source: WENN