Date: 9th June 2001

Moulin Rouge Critic Fuels Controversy

LATEST: Another Hollywood studio is coming under fire - this time for a review which appeared on the poster for MOULIN ROUGE (2001).

20TH CENTURY FOX attributed a positive comment made about the film to Tinseltown bible THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, when in fact the critic was from an online movie site. The ad, which ran in American papers quoted BRENT ROSKE as saying the musical was "nothing but pure magic". Roske actually works for THE HOLLYWOOD REGISTER - the real reviewer for the Hollywood Reporter called the movie "disappointing".

Last week COLUMBIA PICTURES, owned by SONY, were found to have invented a reviewer to publicise KNIGHT'S TALe, a (2001) and animal, the (2001). (MB/LAT/NFA)

Source: WENN