Date: 9th June 2001

Kirsten Dunst's Secret Heartache

Beautiful actress KIRSTEN DUNST has a secret pain - she loves both her parents but they can't bear each other.

According to pals, Dunst's parents went through a bitter divorce and while she is close to both, they don't talk to each other. One pal says, "It really hurts Kirsten to know that two people she loves so much don't love each other. "

Dunst's mother INEZ, a former model, divorced her German-born dad KLAUS when she was just eight years old. She admits, "Divorce can be hard, but I don't feel that I've suffered. My mother had me when she was in her 30s and we're very close. She's the hippest mom I know. "I'm incredibly close to my dad, too. " (SVD/GL/NFA)

Source: WENN