Date: 8th June 2001

Nicole Kidman Surprised At Moulin Rouge Success

Actress NICOLE KIDMAN is delighted with the success of her new movie MOULIN ROUGE (2001) - because she feared audiences wouldn't like it.

The sexy redhead, who co-stars with EWAN McGREGOR in the musical, is surprised with the positive feedback she has had from friends and fans, as she appreciates the film is different to most other Hollywood hits.

She says, "People are faxing, calling, saying audiences are cheering at the end, people are clapping through the movie. That's kind of fun! I wish I could see that. And it's huge in Australia. "

Kidman adds, "I don't usually make films that people clap through. It did unexpectedly well. We were all bracing ourselves, because it's so unconventional. "

But the EYES WIDE SHUT (1999) star is also aware of the divide between movie critics, who have given the film mixed reviews. She explains, "With a movie like this, it's never unanimous, it can't be - it's too in your face. "Division creates conversation; it means people have strong reactions. " (RGS/LAT/KMW)

Source: WENN



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