Date: 7th June 2001

Bobby Brown's 'Secret' Lover ?

Pop singer WHITNEY HOUSTON and her husband, BOBBY BROWN, were the victims of a "setup" by a bizarre blonde woman in Florida who accused Brown of having an affair.

Houston and Brown, along with their daughter, BOBBI KRISTINA, were on holiday at a Williams Island condominium this week, and on Monday (3JUN01), the trio visited a friend at the Turnberry Hotel & Resort in Aventura, where they spent most of the day lounging at the club's pool.

Houston and Bobbi Kristina got up to leave and were waiting for Brown in the car when a female club member approached the car on the passenger's side, where Houston's daughter sat, and tapped on the window. When the window was rolled down, the woman said to a shocked Houston and Bobbi Kristina, "You need to be careful. I don't know how you want to handle this, but your husband is having an affair with one of my friends. "

Houston calmly got out and told the stranger, "Just a minute, I want to discuss this - I want you to repeat this to my husband," before leading the woman to a table at the poolside bar.

Houston's lawyer, MARTIN SINGER, said, "Whitney was at all times very calm, and just wanted to discuss this in front of her husband," an account backed up by Houston's publicist, NANCY SELTZER.

When Brown then approached the table, the woman, who had been chatty with Houston up until that point, became agitated, and told Houston, "I am just nervous because I am talking to very important people. "

Brown reassured his wife that the woman - who refused to lift her head from the table - was "crazy. " Houston left the bar and returned to the car.

Witnesses say Brown then demanded of the stranger, "What are you talking about? Why won't you show your face?" An increasingly frustrated Brown ended up dumping a bottle of beer over the woman's head before he left. (PDD/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN