Date: 6th June 2001

Ben Affleck: I Didnt Want To Be In Pearl Harbor

Hollywood heart-throb BEN AFFLECK almost refused his role in blockbuster movie PEARL HARBOR (2001) - because he didn't want to be typecast as an action star.

The actor was gently persuaded to take the part of heroic pilot RAFE McMAWLEY in the war epic by ex-girlfriend GWYNETH PALTROW, who cried when she read the script.

He says, "Having already done ARMAGEDDON (1999), I didn't want to be seen as an action star. I don't want to become a star by doing movies that make a lot of money - that's boring. But Gwyneth read the script and wept, and she told me to do it. And the movie is a departure for me. This is an old-fashioned love story, so I had to fit into the period. In a way, it's my first grown-up role. " (RP/HT/NFA)

Source: WENN



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