Date: 6th June 2001

Billy Bob's Bloody Mail

BILLY BOB THORNTON ensures his wife ANGELINA JOLIE always wears his blood in a pendant around her neck - he sends her fresh supplies by courier.

The stunning TOMB RAIDER (2001) actress courted controversy when she admitted she was wearing her adored hubby's fluids next to her heart - but the wacky pair don't find it odd.

Billy Bob says, "So here we are, two supposed nuts. I know it's not normal to have a nurse come on your lunch break to take your blood and FEDEX it to your wife, and vice versa. It's not normal by the standards we're all used to living by. But it's normal to us. "

Exchanging blood is a way for the pair to stay close to while Angelina films LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT (2002) in Canada. He adds, "People say they're soulmates, but when you really mean it you have to prove it, and we give each other our blood. " (RP/HT/NFA)

Source: WENN



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