Date: 5th June 2001

Jonny Lee Miller Helps Jolie Stop Missing Thornton

JONNY LEE MILLER helped take his ex-wife ANGELINA JOLIE's thoughts of her current husband while making TOMB RAIDER (2001) in his native England.

The heart-throb kept Jolie company on the set of the adventure film because she missed her new husband BILLY BOB THORNTON so much.

Jolie says that spending time with her ex wasn't difficult for her, she explains, "Jonny and I are good friends. I am very lucky that I had a beautiful first marriage and we separated because we realised we're friends and we wanted great things for each other and we're better apart. He's very encouraging of me. He's so happy for me. He came to the set and visited and we would talk about Billy. He's great. "

Because of her first husband's nationality, Jolie says making computer heroine LARA CROFT into flesh and blood was particularly important to her. She says, "You really do want to do right by England when you're playing Lara Croft because she is English. I felt comfortable because I had an English director, an English crew and had their support. England is very special to me, my first husband is English, he's still one of my best friends in the world. It's a world that I feel is like a second home to me. " (MB&CR/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN