Date: 4th June 2001

John Travolta's Super Sharp Senses

JOHN TRAVOLTA's ability to sniff out and taste aromas is as sensitive as that of a sniffer dog, according to his SWORD FISH (2001) co- star HUGH JACKMAN.

The Australian heart-throb claims Travolta's senses are so strong that he can even pick up the taste of the utensils used to prepare his food - after it's been cooked. X-MEN star Jackman explains, "He was cutting a steak. The knife had been used to cut garlic, and when he tasted the steak, John knew it. "He said, 'You had garlic on this knife, didn't you?' He's the JEDI master of eating. " (RGS/LADN/KW)

Source: WENN



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