Date: 2nd June 2001

Tom Cruise Lawsuit -Round Two

TOM CRUISE is threatening to sue American BOLD MAGAZINE editor MICHAEL DAVIS - because the publication has offered a reward leading to information that the star is gay.

The magazine say they have been contacted by a source claiming to have video tape evidence that Cruise is gay. Attorney BERTRAM FIELDS is threatening a lawsuit against Davis unless the paper prints a retraction on the front page.

A source for the magazine says, "Bold Magazine only reported what we feel a reliable source came to us with. "

Davis says he's contacted Cruise's estranged wife NICOLE KIDMAN stating if a tape exists he will hand it over straight away as Cruise is a family man. He says, "If such a tape does exist I will turn it over to Council of Tom Cruise or Kidman and do what I can to prevent such a potentially damaging tape from going public, after all Tom Cruise is a family man. "

A source close to Davis says, "Mr Davis is a hard nosed publisher. He strongly believes in freedom of the press. He feels the media should not have to worry about lawsuits if they are reporting what they believe to be credible facts. "He is prepared to go the distance with Mr Cruise to prove a point in the media market place and that point being you can't censor the media no matter how crazy a story might seem. The public has a right to know. " (MB/WN/RP)

Source: WENN