Date: 1st June 2001

Sigourney: I Wasn't A Heartbreaker At School

Sexy actress SIGOURNEY WEAVER didn't have much luck with the boys when she was growing up.

The star of new movie HEARTBREAKERS (2001) says she lacked confidence. She explains, "If I have ever broken anyone's heart it was certainly not then. I needed years before I got the necessary self confidence to do it and then I got married before I got the chance to try it out. I was always the one who got her heart broken. "

Apart from being luckless in love, Weaver says as a teenager she never felt comfortable with her body either. "I was very tall, at 11 I was as tall as I am now and I always tried to hide myself because of it. The only reason I didn't end up a hunch back was because my mother who is very short always told me to stand up straight. "

And the actress says she even had to beg husband JIM SIMPSON, who she married in 1984, to go out with her. She adds, "In order to get my husband I had to ask him several times before he'd even go out with me. He was really shy and I was a film star. "I didn't try and pull the wool over his eyes but I wanted to seem as perfect as possible. But of course today he's still convinced by it. " (RP/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN