Date: 31st May 2001

Kidman's Stalker In Sick Celeb Vow

LATEST: The man accused of stalking NICOLE KIDMAN has vowed to continue his pursuit of the beautiful and famous.

Self-proclaimed 'poet' MATTHEW HOOKER was ordered by a judge to stay away from the MOULIN ROUGE (2001) actress and her children ISABELLA, eight, and CONNOR, four.

But Hooker, who has also tried to form a relationship with CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, reacted with fury to the star's stalking claims - and has no intention of changing his creepy ways.

He says, "This won't stop me asking out other Hollywood actresses. I am not going to assume they are all liars like Ms Kidman. " (NFA/WNTSU&WNTRE/Es)

Source: WENN