Date: 29th May 2001

Pearl Harbor Survivors Praise Movie

PEARL HARBOR (2001) veterans have praised the new film about the attack.

The blockbuster movie, starring BEN AFFLECK, JOSH HARTNETT and KATE BECKINSALE, took $18. 3 million (14 million) at the box office on the first day of its release in America.

LEE SOUCY, who was stationed on the USS UTAH war ship during the attack in 1941, says, "It was a very stirring movie. It broke me down and I don't break down very easily. " He was among 20 Pearl Harbor survivors flown to Honolulu to watch the film. Fellow veteran EDWARD DOWD says the movie gave him a good perspective on the overall attack, something he never witnessed while scrambling around on the USS HULL ship. "You remember so many things and block it out over the years. It made me realize how lucky I am to be here," he adds.

And survivor BILL POWERS gushes, "It's the third movie I've seen about Pearl Harbor and this one's real good. I'm not too much into the love story, but when it got down to the action, it was more realistic than the other ones were. " PEARL HARBOR (2001) is out in Britain on 1 June (01). (KW/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN



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