Date: 29th May 2001

Alec Dumps The Devil Over Pay

ALEC BALDWIN has devastated the producer of Devil and Daniel Webster, The (2001) - by quitting over unpaid bills.

The Hollywood star abandoned movie-maker DAVID GLASSER's project after being forced to bring in hotshot Hollywood lawyer MARTY SINGER to get hold of money from CUTTING EDGE ENTERTAINMENT needed to complete the film, according to VARIETY entertainment magazine. Singer claims, "When the filming finished, Alec was owed $550,000 (423,077). "

Baldwin, who was an actor, director and creative producer on the film, now refuses to proceed with editing without assurances he'll be paid for the 10 weeks he was contracted to bring in a director's cut, as well as the 21 total weeks of post-production to come.

But Glasser, who raised $28 million (21. 5 million) so Baldwin could make the picture, is bitter about his lack of faith. He complains, "Alec tried to get this movie done for seven years. I'm the guy who stepped up to the plate. We've been behind him from the beginning. I don't think I've done one wrong thing. "

The remake of the 1941 film about a writer who sells his soul to the devil also stars ANTHONY HOPKINS and JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT. Cutting Edge insist The Devil and Daniel Webster will definitely be finished with or without Baldwin's participation. (KW/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN



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