Date: 29th May 2001

Freddie Prinze Jr's Star Wars Scar

FREDDIE PRINZE JR. used to play STAR WARS with his cousin RICKY - and has scars to prove it.

When he was just five years old the Hollywood heart-throb injured his chin playing with a make-shift light sabre, and still has the marks to remind him.

He recalls, "I was LUKE SKYWALKER and he was DARTH VADER. He was taking me back and we were on this jungle gym and I slid down this slide to get away from Darth Vader. The pole we were using as a light sabre hit the ground before I hit the ground and then it stuck in my chin."

When it came out a big old piece of my chin came with it and my mum ran out screaming and she grabbed the piece of my chin and we rushed to hospital. "They put it back in and stitched it in and it looked like I had a beard at five years old with my stitches. " (SVD/TC/KW)

Source: WENN