Date: 28th May 2001

Charlie Cleans Up Act

Now actor CHARLIE SHEEN is back on the rails - he is reinventing himself as a better father.

The SPIN CITY star admits he wasn't the best parent while he was suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, but now he's sober he's trying to be the best dad he can.

He says, "I'm much more of a father to her now than I was before. I'm no longer this inane knucklehead who'd pop in every six months, spouting some ridiculous 'advice. ' Now we hang out together a lot. "

Charlie is intent that his 15-year-old daughter CASSANDRA will start adulthood on the right foot. "I've set things up so that at 18 she can be financially independent. I don't want her dusting tables in some nightclub with idiots like me to deal with. " (ES/WNWSMAS/RP)

Source: WENN