Date: 15th September 2000

Catherine Zeta Jones Watched Her Baby Be Born

CATHERINE ZETA JONES watched her son DYLAN come into the world - in a little mirror held at the foot of her bed.

The MASK OF ZORRO actress tried to cope with the pain of a natural delivery but six hours into labour opted to have an epidural - and once the pain of contractions was dulled, the Welsh beauty settled down to watching her first child come into the world.

She says, "It was an amazing experience. I went in at about 8 am and laboured up to about 2 pm, then I had an epidural. I would tell any woman to go for it, because it made that whole really difficult period so much easier for me.

Once I was in control, it was just amazing. I had a mirror, we saw everything - we saw this little body coming out, it was fantastic."


Source: WENN