Date: 26th May 2001

Nicole Fears For Tom's Safety

NICOLE KIDMAN might be splitting up from husband TOM CRUISE but she still gets nervous when he flies.

Kidman now refers to Cruise as her ex-husband, but admits she still worries about some of his daredevil ways.

The MOULIN ROUGE (2001) star has herself cut back on riskier activities like skydiving and scuba diving because she's a mother. She says, "I've backed off that now, because there are two people in the world who don't just want me around, they need me. "Sometimes I'm scared of small planes. Yes, I've done aerobatics, but I'm more scared of my kids or my ex-husband going up in small planes. Even though I know that's so much a part of the lifestyle it still scares me. I don't like it. " (SVD/IS/KMW)

Source: WENN



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