Date: 26th May 2001

Affleck Fears Damon Is Out To Kill Him

BEN AFFLECK is paranoid his best friend MATT DAMON is about to kill him after watching TALENTED MR RIPLEY, the (1999).

Damon is currently staying in Affleck's Hollywood home and making the most of his pal's hospitality - just like his evil character in Ripley, who ends up killing his host on a boating trip and taking on his identity.

Affleck says, "He's staying in my room and wearing my clothes and the other day I was watching The Talented Mr Ripley where Matt Damon stays in a guy's house and wears his clothes and he comes out with an oar and kills this guy. "I'm a little suspicious he might suggest we got for a little boat ride. " (KL/WNV/KMW)

Source: WENN



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