Date: 25th May 2001

Crowe Shows Chivalry Is Not Dead

Hollywood heart-throb RUSSELL CROWE proved he can behave well to fans - when he rewarded a lady's appreciation with some gratitude of his own.

DONALD TRUMP's interior decorator SUE FIRESTONE was docking her sailboat at New York's CHELSEA PIERS when the actor rode past on his bike, and asked if he could take a look.

As Crowe took a tour, marvelling at the boat, he spotted a GLADIATOR (2000) DVD in the master stateroom. "Do you want me to sign this?" he offered. "If you want," Firestone replied. And with the autograph done, Crowe invited Firestone and her family to the set of new film {BEAUTIFUL MIND (2001)] to watch him work. (NFA/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN