Date: 25th May 2001

John Cleese Set For Three More Bond Films

British actor JOHN CLEESE has agreed to appear in three more JAMES BOND films as Q.

CLEESE first appeared in WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, the (1999) as R, the assistant to DESMOND LLEWELYN'S Q.

Llewelyn was tragically killed in a car crash in December 1999. Cleese says, "I actually said to Desmond, it was his idea he should have an assistant because I suppose he felt at some point he was going to have to move on. I always assumed that he would do the next two or three because he had no trouble with his lines and then there was this terrible car accident. "

Although Cleese will be involved in the next three films, he admits he will only spend about four days on set for each film. (KMW/WNWCAN/ES)

Source: WENN