Date: 23rd May 2001

Plans In Action For Easy Rider Sequel

The sequel to the classic DENNIS HOPPER and PETER FONDA movie EASY RIDER (1969) is set to go into production this summer (01) - even though the original was made more than 30 years ago.

MARTIN LANDAU, whose company MIRACLE ENTERTAINMENT is producing the project, is determined to get the filming into action as soon as the potential actors' strike is settled. He says, "It's basically a sequel, 30 years later.

It's about the sons of Peter Fonda's and JACK NICHOLSON's characters, who wind up together. Fonda's character has been in jail, wrongly accused of Nicholson's murder, and word comes to both sons that the real murderer is still out there. "

He explains of the sons, "One is a biker and the other a lawyer in New York. They go on the road and cover the same tracks as their fathers did in trying to track down the real murderer, so it deals with the changes of the times. "

Landau adds, "We have a dream cast list, but we want the script to be really good before we submit it to the actors. " The script has yet to be completed. (RGS/LADN/NFA)

Source: WENN