Date: 23rd May 2001

Affleck Slams Royalty

American actor BEN AFFLECK has lashed out at Britain's Royal family, branding them alcoholics.

The PEARL HARBOR (2001) star surprised British show BIG BREAKFAST viewers when during an interview he launched into a rant about the Royals.

He barked, "We're not a monarchy here. We threw you people out with good cause because we don't want alcoholic 90-year-olds running our country. We want alcoholic, 60-year-old skirt chasers," said Ben, before performing a cheeky impression of the Queen Mother as a drunkard.

And Affleck seemed to take great pleasure in littering the remainder of the interview with expletives, which were bleeped out for the early morning viewing public. (JM/WNV/MCM)

Source: WENN