Date: 22nd May 2001

Ewan Resented Moulin Rouge Demolition

EWAN McGREGOR has fallen out with the makers of Star Wars: Episode II (2002) for demolishing the elaborate set of MOULIN ROUGE (2001).

The Scottish actor, who stars in both films, admits he was devastated when the Star Wars crew simply swept away the nightclub settings in Moulin Rouge to make way for its own sets on the same Sydney, Australia, soundstage.

He says, "It was awful. I resent Star Wars for that. The set could have been put up somewhere else and used as a club or something. It was that fabulous. I've never been happier to do anything in my life. It was depressing to go from Moulin Rouge that quickly. I was yearning for more. " (KL/EW/RP)

Source: WENN



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