Date: 21st May 2001

Patricia Arquette's Letting It All Hang Out

PATRICIA ARQUETTE is bearing all for her new movie HUMAN NATURE (2001) where she plays a woman with an unusual amount of body hair who spends most of her time without any clothes on.

The actress admits some of the filming was very embarrassing, and although she's pleased with the finished product she's slightly nervous of the public's reaction.

NOTTING HILL (1999) actor RHYS IFANS, who also goes naked in the movie, helped Arquette through the harder times. She says, "Sometimes there were hard times about it. I'm so uptight about it. "But Rhys helped me by telling me not to be shy because we're all born naked. It's a lot easier being naked when there is two of you. "You get an empathy for the other actor. It's quite liberating and it's every actor's hope to be emotionally naked. " (SVD/WNWC/RP)

Source: WENN