Date: 21st May 2001

Sharon Stone's Husband's Mistress Named

LATEST: Actress SHARON STONE's marriage to media mogul PHIL BRONSTEIN is on the rocks after he was caught flirting openly in public.

British newspaper THE MAIL ON SUNDAY reports that Stone has told her close friends that her marriage is 'in deep trouble'. Three-times hitched Bronstein, a 50-year-old newspaper executive, was photographed flirting in public with public relations girl SARAH STABILE, 26, in a hotel bar.

Witnesses at the hotel say he told Stabile, "I'm married with a young son, but I'm ready to try something different. Things are about to change in my life. " Stone and Bronstein have been openly rowing in public recently - adding fuel to the flames of discontent.

A friend of the family sheds light on the couple's domestic disharmony. A friend says, "Phil wants her to be more of a stay-at-home mum. But Sharon has always been independent and part of the deal when they married was that she would carry on working. " (SC/WNSSU/ES)

Source: WENN