Date: 20th May 2001

Sly's Wild Days End In Diapers

Hollywood action hero SYLVESTER STALLONE has said that his wild days are behind him now that he's fulfilling his fatherly duties.

The RAMBO (1987) and ROCKY (1976) star is devoted to spending time with his two little daughters by third wife JENNIFER FLAVIN, 32.

Sly says, ROSE, 4, and SISTINE, 2, now have centre stage, and that hotel life just isn't for him anymore. Stallone, 54, has two sons from his first marriage.

SLY says, "I feel like I have a second chance. I love all my kids but when SAGE was born I was in a different space in my life - work, work, and more work. " He adds, "I'm a truly happy man. I know I have it all. " (RM/WNSMI/ES)

Source: WENN